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Simple And Effective Loft Boarding In Benfleet

Boarding over your loft is a great way to make a space that is more accessible and better for storage. It can give you space to manoeuvre without the risk of bumping into insulation or knocking electrical wires from their sockets. At The Loftman you can have professionally installed boarding which will improve the look and feel of your roof space.

If you’re looking for loft boarding in Benfleet that will give you the best chance of making that happen, it’s vital that you choose a team of professionals. We’re able to offer a range of loft services including boarding for your home which we’re certain will transform the space that you have at your disposal.

What does our loft boarding in Benfleet involve?

Our team will measure out the space in your loft to decide how big the boarding pieces need to be. Following this the boards will be screwed the floor to provide a flat and usable surface. On top of this simple service, we’re also able to combine it with the installation of more insulation or even raise your boarding for electrical installations.

Choose The Loftman to ensure that your home is getting the best results from your investment. To talk about the range of options available to you, send us a message today.

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Why You Should Choose Us For Your Loft Insulation In Essex

Heating is vital for any home; especially during the colder months of the year. When it comes to choosing the right service for loft insulation in Essex to make sure your home keeps your warm, you need look no further than The Loftman.

We have had plenty of experience installing insulation products into customers’ homes. Over the years we have built up our knowledge extensively and can now provide full support at competitive prices.

No matter if your home is big or small, we can make sure your insulation is befitting of your home’s layout and your needs. After discussing your requirements with our team, we can advise you on what can be most effective for your property and practical for your budget.

Not only are we confident you can feel warmer in your home, but with these great improvements to your insulation, you can also reduce costs on your heating bills. This means that you can save money for more exciting developments in the future.

If you would like to know more about our services, you can take a look through our website or get in touch with our team via our simple contact form and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as we can.

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Try Our Professional Loft Services In Westcliff-On-Sea

Your loft has huge potential which can be utilised with a number of options. You can extend into the loft space and use it as a new room, you could make it a smart storage area, or you can make it even bigger with an extension. If you’re looking for loft services in Westcliff-On-Sea, then you’re in the right place.

Our service at The Loftman is perfect to transform the area that you’ve got at your disposal. Everything from loft flooring, insulation, ladders, boarding, lighting and more can be done for you with professionalism and quality. We’ll talk to you about your options to ensure you’ve got a fully-functioning area to enjoy and use each day.

A range of loft services in Westcliff-On-Sea for all your needs

We’ve been able to offer a vast array of homes across Essex our full loft services. Whether you’re looking for a replacement service that will upgrade your current loft area or you’re looking to transform the area for the first time. Our team of experts will give you the best chance to invest in your loft and to increase your property’s value.

To take advantage of our professional loft services in Westcliff-On-Sea, Essex, speak to our experts today. This will give you the best chance of understanding the whole host of services we’re able to offer.

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Choose Our Professional Loft Lighting In Southend-On-Sea, Essex

To ensure you’ve got a lighting fixture in your loft that works every time, you’ll need to have it professionally wired and connected to your home. To ensure that your study, bedroom or storage space has reliable lighting fitted to it, you’ll want to choose our team at The Loftman.

Our loft lighting in Southend-On-Sea has become a leading service for individuals and homeowners who want to make sure they have lighting that works every single time they enter the loft. To do this, our team will replace your old lightbulb and fixture to ensure that it is wired professionally to the rest of your home.

Invest in the little parts of your loft to create the perfect ambience

We’ve become a leading loft lighting installer in Southend-On-Sea because of the range of options available to you. We’re happy to let you choose the kind of lightbulb that you’d like fitted to your loft by one of our experts. Whether you’re looking to install a low-wattage bulb, an energy efficient variant you have in the rest of your home or have a certain style added to your loft, we’re on hand to help you.

Choose The Loftman to get the best results for your loft lighting in Southend-On-Sea. To find out more about our service, speak to our team today.

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Improve Your Home’s Heat Retention With Our Loft Insulation In Westcliff-On-Sea

The warmth of your home comes down to your radiators and central heating first and foremost. However, to make sure that all this heat is being used economically it’s important that you protect the weakest areas of your home. Your windows and your roof are the two main areas that heat escapes from.

At The Loftman we’ve become a leading supplier and installer of loft insulations for Westcliff-On-Sea and Essex. This is down to our experience working on roofs to perform a vast array of services such as boarding, loft ladders, lighting and more.

Our team of professionals can offer you a wide range of options depending on the size of your home. We’ll discuss the options you have open to you and what the benefits of installing loft insulation in your Westcliff-On-Sea home are this year. Not only will you feel the difference in the heat retention of your home, but you’ll see your bills start to improve each month when you’re using your heating.

We provide expert loft insulation services in Westcliff-On-Sea and Essex for two-beds all the way up to five-bed homes. Our quality services can be tailored for complete insulations, top-up layers or additional layers.

If you’d like to find out more about our loft insulation in Westcliff-On-Sea, speak to us today.

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Invest In Your Home’s Loft Lighting In Essex

The interiors of our homes will be a combination of old and new that join each room. Whether it’s the kitchen’s old cooker contrasted by the completely brand-new extractor fan, or the bathroom’s new sink that lies next to an old shower system. The same can be said for your electrics extending into your loft.

If you’re yet to invest in proper loft lighting for your home in Essex, you’ll want to choose a team that can provide a prompt and experienced service for you. At The Loftman we’re on hand to offer you a full lighting service that is ideal for both refurbished or unrenovated lofts. Either way, our team will find the right solutions.

Installing, fitting and wiring your new loft lighting in Essex

To ensure that you’ve got a set of lighting that you can rely on every time you use your loft, it pays to choose a team that can do everything for you. There’s no need to devolve the responsibility of your loft lighting in Essex to separate teams, The Loftman will help you with our competitive prices.

From just £90 you can have your loft lighting installed and fitted professionally and quickly.

If you’d like to find out what other services our team at The Loftman can offer you, get in contact with us today.

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Discover How Our Loft Insulation Can Help Your Home In Canvey Island

We spend a lot of money on our heating bills each year and we put faith in our radiators to keep us warm throughout the winter. However, it can quickly become clear that your home is leaking heat which will be noticeable if you can feel a draught or a cold patch in your property.

To battle against this, our loft insulation in Canvey Island can help to keep the heat in your home and provide a cost-effective alternative or replacement to your loft space. Our professional service at The Loftman is trusted by homeowners who want to see their investment in heating rewarded by a warm home all-year round.

We can provide your home with loft insulation from two-bed homes all the way through to five-bed properties. In each of these scenarios, our team will use the best quality loft insulation materials in Canvey Island to ensure your loft keeps the heat from your home inside.

Any heat that is made from our kitchen through the oven, our radiators or from our fire rises upwards. This slowly seeps out of our windows – which is the most vulnerable place for heat to escape – and up to the roof. Choose our loft insulation in Canvey Island for a professional replacement or installation service.

Get in touch with us to find out more.

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Three Benefits Of Loft Boarding Your Home In Essex

You’ll have considered it before, but your loft space represents a big investment opportunity in your home. It’s not all about the space and the chance you have to rejuvenate an area of your home, but a raft of benefits that you could take advantage of immediately. Our loft boarding in Essex at The Loftman can simply and effectively supply you with a usable and useful space.

If you’re wondering how you can make the most of your property, we’ve created a list of three benefits to install loft boarding in your home in Essex:

  • Space: The obvious reason anyone wants to board their loft is to create more room for storage or a new room. No matter how big or small your loft space is you’ll notice the difference and opportunities right away.
  • Value: If you’re marketing a property, you’ll want to show off the whole property as a series of assets. You can add another asset to your home by utilising our loft boarding in Essex. You’ll add to the value of your property when you show off this space.
  • Reduce heat loss: The fact that heat rises makes our rooves the most susceptible to letting heat out of our home. With our loft boarding in Essex you’ll notice the reduction in heat loss.

Discover more about our loft boarding in Essex by speaking to our team today.

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Three Of Our Best Loft Ladders For Your Home In Essex

Accessing your loft isn’t merely for Christmas decorations or to fish out those long-forgotten suitcases. To truly take advantage of your extra roof space, you can begin to use it more frequently. The only thing that may be stopping you is the difficulty you have getting the loft ladder out and back up again.

If you’re looking for a new loft ladder in Essex that will provide you with easy access to your loft space, we’ve got the ideal solutions for you. At The Loftman we’ve been providing loft services, products and more to homes across the area for over 20 years. To help you find the ideal loft ladder in Essex, here are a selection for you to deliberate over:

  • Concertina (Supplied And Fitted): This space-saving and stylish type of loft ladder allows the simple mechanism to do most of the work for you. Click it out and back into place to keep it secure inside your loft door.
  • Wooden Folding (Supplied And Fitted): Combining quality wooden materials that won’t rot or rust, this folding loft ladder makes accessing your loft simple and stress-free.
  • Telescopic (Supplied And Fitted): A great replacement for your old and heavy loft ladder. This lightweight telescopic system removes those previous struggles.

If you’d like to find out about our full range of services at The Loftman, speak to us today.

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Loft storage rooms

Our storage rooms can include the strengthening of the loft joists, flooring, lighting, access, roof insulation, stud walls, roof windows and  plasterboard ready to paint throughout. We can also install doors into the eaves offering valuable extra storage space

storage rooms are  affordable at just a fraction of the cost of a standard loft conversion.

Call us today to book your free, no-obligation survey.

From £6000 

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